Lovely Smudge Bundle

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Prepare To Attract Love!  Use this bundle to Cleanse and Purify your Soul, Aura, and Energy as you prepare for your Meditation, Manifestation, and Rituals.  It is designed to rid you of negative energy and protect you as you explore universal love.
Burning Rose Petals & Blue Sage clears negative energies and even bacteria from the air.  Just light the bundle/stick, blow it out, and allow the smoke to waft through your space.  Only a few moments are needed to cleanse and enlighten and then be sure to safely put out the embers.  Please remember to use fire safety and treat your sage/stick with extra care when burning and putting it out.
Our smudge bundles are ethically-sourced and represent Strength, Optimism, and Inner Strength and should inspire you to find these things within yourself first, and then others.