The Blessing Box

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You are so incredibly special and deserve to be treated as such.  Quiet your mind and focus on self-love and personal growth, as we guide you through your spiritual journey.

Balance your Mind, Enhance your Vibration, & Cleanse your Aura with our beautiful and unique gift sets each month!

Each month you will receive a box filled with 10 carefully hand-picked items from around the world, ranging from cleansing crystals & crystal jewelry, to smudge sticks & organic herbs and flowers for Ultimate Spiritual Guidance. The box will also include a detailed guide with a description/use for each item.

Each box will always include over $100 - $125 retail value worth of surprise items from the list above & a Meditation Affirmation from the Universe, sealed with a wax stamp.


    Each order is absolutely unique and may contain items not yet listed for sale in my shop!


    Lengths and materials vary but will always include at least *One Crystal Jewelry item and *One Crystal.


    Items come in a cardboard box with wrapping, not shown in the picture above.

    May Include:

    *Tumbled/ Polished Crystals and Stones

    *Clusters, Chunks, Towers, Hearts

    * Aura Crystals

    *Crystal Jewelry including bracelets, pendants, earrings, etc.

    *Crystal Jar

    *Organic Herb and Flowers

    *Ritual Candles

    *Other Crystal-related items, decor, jewelry, etc.

    *Smudging, cleansing, or altar-related items that compliment crystals such as sage, incense, etc.