Thanksgiving Crystal Set

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It is the season of giving thanks!  And we have designed a crystal set specially with this intention in mind.  When we choose to be grateful for everything we have, the universe blesses us with more than we could ever hope for!  A red jasper apple has the energy of focus and strength to keep you motivated and strong during the next seasons of your life.  Paired with Tiger's Eye tumbled stone, a stone of wisdom and grounding, this will make for a powerful duo.  Included in this set is also Citrine Crystal and Orange Calcite, both of which are known to promote Happiness and Abundance!  Thanksgiving is a time to come together and be thankful.  Allow this beautiful crystal set to warm your home and your heart.


Includes Citrine Crystal, Orange Calcite Crystal, Red Jasper Apple, Tiger's Eye Tumbled Stone


All Crystals come cleansed & charged by a certified crystal healer.