Spooky Season Crystal Box

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It's officially Spooky Season!!  This is a time of endings and beginnings that is naturally tied to the Earth's cycle when the dark and cold of winter approaches and nature 'dies,' only to be reborn in the spring... Harness this beautiful energy with crystals chosen specially for this new chapter of your life.


Selenite Carved Moon 


Selenite represents spiritual rejuvenation and reminds us to stay open, clear, and pure in order to embrace the light and energy that surrounds us.  It's brilliant white color symbolizes Clarity & Purity and promotes Awareness & Intuition.  It can be used for meditation, healing, and guidance.

Black Obsidian


Obsidian is a strong protection stone that purifies and shields against negativity and psychic attacks.  This crystal promotes self-discovery by providing mental clarity and noise reduction.  It will provide support and stability while you explore the unknown and open doors to new horizons.  Stimulate your mental and emotional being and embrace new possibilities.

Orange Calcite


This crystal is a powerful amplifier, an active crystal that is known to encourage mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional growth. The frequency of Orange Calcite allows you to be confident and creative in your ideas, bringing them into reality through manifestation.  This crystal can provide inspiration and motivation when you are feeling low.

Carved Crystal Skull

Symbolizing the transition of one life to another, this carved crystal skull represents positivity and optimism and is the perfect addition for crystal healing purposes or simply as decoration.

*crystal skull colors are chosen at random and will vary.


All Crystals & Stones come Cleansed and Charged by a Certified Crystal Healer.