SoulSync: From Insight to Complete Healing
SoulSync: From Insight to Complete Healing
SoulSync: From Insight to Complete Healing

SoulSync: From Insight to Complete Healing

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This one on one zoom session is the best way to find a personalized path to achieving your highest self. There are two options for this journey:


  • SoulSync: A 60-Minute Journey to Energy Balance & Spiritual Healing
  • SoulSync Trilogy: Your Three-Step Path to Complete Energetic Harmony & Healing

SoulSync: 60 Minutes includes:

Discover a personalized path to spiritual well-being with our 60-minute SoulSync session. Designed to help you navigate life's complexities and align your inner energies, this session offers a unique blend of consultation, reading, and spiritual practices.

Session Breakdown:

10-Minute Consultation:
We kick off our time together with a 10-minute consultation where we check in with your current state and pinpoint specific areas of focus. This establishes a strong foundation for what you hope to achieve during the session.

30-Minute Reading:
Following the consultation, we dive into a 30-minute spiritual reading. This session will help to shed light on your life's most pressing questions while taking a deeper look at what your well-being truly requires. Whether it's insights about relationships, career choices, or personal growth, this reading aims to offer clarity and actionable guidance.

20-Minute Practice & Meditation:
After the reading, we shift our focus to a 20-minute spiritual practice and guided meditation. This segment is designed to help you release pent-up energies and explore the deeper meanings behind the questions and answers revealed during the reading. Through mindful breathing and guided imagery, we work to cleanse your chakras and rebalance your energies.

Optional 5-Minute Closure:
To conclude, you have the option to choose between a 5-minute physical release through Reiki or a 5-minute guided visual meditation. Both options aim to solidify the transformative work we've done and set you on a path of ongoing healing and well-being.

Embark on your journey to a more balanced and spiritually enriched life today with our SoulSync 60-minute session.

If you are looking to get deeper in your healing path and have someone there with you on your journey at all times: 

SoulSync Trilogy: Your Three-Step Path to Complete Energetic Harmony & Healing

Session one: SoulSync Dis-ease and Healing

An enhanced and more in-depth version of our standard 60-minute SoulSync session

Session two: Astro-Soulsync Experience

The second session adds another layer by incorporating astrology and lunar cycle insights into your spiritual reading. This enriched experience offers a broader understanding of your intrinsic nature and external influences, harmonizing your personal energies with cosmic rhythms.

Session three: SoulSync Final Release

The trilogy culminates with a powerful session of intensive breathwork and yoga. This final step synthesizes all the insights and practices from the first two sessions, leaving you feeling invigorated, empowered, and aligned with your true self.

Bonus Personalization:

For a limited time, enjoy the added benefit of having direct text access to me for any questions or clarifications you might need. Think of me as your spiritual therapist, available to guide you as you navigate the initial stages of this transformational journey. 

The SoulSync Trilogy offers a holistic and personalized approach to spiritual well-being. Make the commitment to yourself today and pave the way to complete energetic harmony and healing.


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