Money Attraction Crystal Set

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"I do not chase, I attract."
The purpose of this crystal set is to come into a natural flow of financial abundance... this set of crystals is known to attract money and specifically opportunities to make money without having to try too hard.  You were made to live a life full of riches and it is time to step into alignment with the energy that will take you there.
Included in this set is: A Guide For UseA Seasonal Sage Bundle, Shell of Abalone & Palos Santos, to encourage a cleansing and reset of your energy often.  You must become a vibrational match to the lifestyle you wish to live.  Also included is A Jar of Botanicals to cleanse your Money Crystals: 
Pyrite:  Pyrite is a powerful stone used to protect against negative energy and vibration as well as attracts the energy of wealth and abundance.   It promotes intuition and intellect, enhancing understanding, meditation, and communication. 
Green Aventurine:  Green Aventurine is known as the stone of Opportunity and is thought to be the luckiest of all the crystals and stones.  It can be used to manifest Wealth and Good Fortune, enhance Confidence and Optimism, and Promote Growth and Open-mindedness. 
Selenite Tower:  Selenite represents spiritual rejuvenation and reminds us to stay open, clear, and pure in order to embrace the light and energy that surrounds us.  Its brilliant white color symbolizes Clarity & Purity and promotes Awareness & Intuition.  It can be used for meditation, healing, and guidance.  Use this crystal tower to cleanse your other crystals.
All Crystals & Stones come Cleansed and Charged by a Certified Healer.