Time For Change - Ritual Kit

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Where One Journey Ends, A New One Begins
Designed in honor of a Love that never had a chance to bloom in this lifetime.
Whether its love, friendship, career, or self-awareness... you will know when the time comes to choose a different path.  Most commonly used for heartbreak, but also used for overall life changes, this spell jar will help you to find the strength and courage to plant a new seed and start again.  You may layer your botanicals & crystals as you feel called, but we have also included a guide to walk you through this spell jar ritual. 
Please keep in mind, this ritual is only as powerful as the energy you give to it.  Magic happens where you choose to see it.  I hope this ritual brings you the peace & encouragement it brought me when I needed it most.
A Spell Jar, Incense Sticks, Match Sticks, A Crystal Spoon, Sage, Holy Wood, A Shell Of Abalone, Blue Lace Agate Crystals, Kunlun Snow Crysanthemum, 
Peonies, Dianthus Leaf, Lotus Plumule,  Silktree Albizziae Flower, A Wax Sealing Stick, A Guide For Use including your Ritual Words.