Crystal Pendulum

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This Crystal Pendulum is made of real, authentic crystals and stones for ultimate spiritual guidance..
How to Use:
 Relax and focus.  Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing until you feel you are ready.  Position yourself and your pendulum so that you are comfortable.  Allow the pendulum to dangle form your hand, chain between your fingers.  Do not worry if your hands shake..the energy force may be strong.
Program your pendulums signals by asking a handful of questions you already know the answer to.  As you do this, pay attention to the way to pendulum swings for yes, no, and maybe.
*be sure to ask your questions out loud
Common signals are:  Front to back ( like a head nod) - YES, Side to side (like a head shake) - NO, Clockwise or Counter Clockwise etc.
After you have progrmmed your pendulum, ask your questions and try to be as specific as possible.  As you wait for your answer, be patient and concentrate.
When you are finished asking your questions, clear the Pendulums energy by touching it to the surface of your hand, closing and releasing your fingers.  Thank the Universe for its guidance.
All Pendulums come Cleansed & Charged by a Certified Healer
Includes one real, crystal, silver-chain pendulum.  Approximately 1 1/2" crystal and 7" long.