Crystal Christmas Tree
Crystal Christmas Tree
Crystal Christmas Tree
Crystal Christmas Tree

Crystal Christmas Tree

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Embrace the Festive Spirit | Balance & Prosperity | Symbol of Wisdom

Deck the halls with the beauty of nature and the enchanting energy of crystals with our Crystal Christmas Tree. Crafted with precision and adorned with the radiant energies of Green Aventurine and Sodalite, these hand-carved trees are not just ornaments; they are symbols of balance, prosperity, and the joy of the holiday season.

Green Aventurine - Heart Healing Stone: Green Aventurine resonates with the heart chakra, making it a heart-healing stone. It is believed to bring prosperity, success, and stimulate the imagination. This radiant crystal can also neutralize electromagnetic pollution from electronics, support the thymus gland, the nervous system, and possess anti-inflammatory properties.

Sodalite - Balancing Head and Heart: Sodalite, known for its royal blue and purple hues, is associated with communication and poetry. It aids in balancing the head and the heart, guiding individuals to align with their true selves.


Key Features:

  • Perfect Holiday Gift: Share the magic of the season with your loved ones by gifting them these exquisite Crystal Christmas Trees. They make for meaningful and lucky collectibles for those who appreciate the beauty and energy of crystals.

  • Festival Atmosphere: These Crystal Christmas Trees are not just decorations; they are bearers of festive spirit. Place them in your home to create an enchanting atmosphere filled with joy and happiness.


  • Material: Green Aventurine & Sodalite
  • Height: 2.1 inches
  • Weight: 1.5oz


Embrace the festivities with the Crystal Christmas Tree - order yours today and bring the spirit of balance, prosperity, and joy into your home this holiday season.

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