Citrine and Red Jasper Good Vibes

Citrine and Red Jasper Good Vibes

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Citrine and Red Jasper are two crystals that are known for their positive and encouraging energy. Wearing this combination of crystals is meant to enhance good vibrations that flow your way throughout the day.

A Warm Ray of Sunlight, Citrine Crystal is a stone of Abundance and Manifestation, attracting Wealth, Prosperity, and Success. It encourages Self-expression, stimulates Creativity, and promotes Motivation. Known as the stone of Good Fortune, this quartz raises Energy and Vibrations to turn negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones. Carry Citrine in your pocket or purse to attract money and strengthen your inner light wherever you go.

Red Jasper is a stone of Empowerment, enhancing strength and courage to overcome life's troubles. It encourages healing and enlightenment and is incredibly grounding. It can neutralize radiation and other forms of environmental and electromagnetic pollution. Use this stone to stimulate your energy, Strengthen your Root Chakra, and Protect your Mind, Body, and Soul.

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