Making Moon Water

Moon water has been used for centuries to help humans embrace and absorb energy from the full moon. It has a calming influence over the mind and body & is used to balance and restore. You can use it to If you are planning on making consumable moon water, I recommend using tap, filtered, or bottled water... otherwise you can gather it from a natural source such as a river or stream. You can use it to drink, bathe in, spritz your home, or water your plants depending on what feels right to you. Infuse your moon water with your intentions. Ask yourself what you want and need from this full moon, and consider writing down your intention as a manifestation exercise. You can place the written manifestation next to, taped to, or situated underneath the container, or simply take a meditative moment near the water thinking about your intention. Place the jar where it can absorb moonlight, near a window sill works just fine. In the morning, retrieve it, and use it however you see fit.