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You have chosen the path to enlightenment... Calm your mind & soothe your soul with Live Meditation classes using our specially crafted Zen Box.

Zen Box includes 4 new, carefully chosen items sent to you each month - ranging from cleansing crystals, sage, shells, incense to organic herbs and flowers for Ultimate Spiritual Guidance.  We are all on a journey to find ourselves, heal ourselves, and learn to love ourselves.  Together, we can discover a place in your mind where you feel safe, secure, and confident so that you might use this state of mind to better your life! 

In the live classes, you will be guided to explore the world of meditation through different cleansing rituals, mindful breathing exercises, and crystal healing techniques.  This is perfect for anyone who is looking to increase their awareness, find mental clarity, and release worries and fears.  It is life-changing for anyone who tends to overthink, feels unmotivated, or lost without a sense of purpose or direction.  You will be encouraged to break through these thoughts and feelings, finding your release and letting go of anything and anyone that no longer serves you. 


Join us on this journey to find your zen...

) We offer 3 classes a week & each class is 30 minutes long. No limit on how many classes you can take in a month.

) Sign-up for the Live Class, or Live Class + Zen Box to follow along with your own crystals and ritual tools. Free Shipping! If using Free Live Class trial Promo Code, then Box ships at the end of trial period!

) For live classes, after you sign-up, you will receive 3 emails (1 for each weekly class) with the link to the Zoom classes.

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