Enchanting Incense Burner Set

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The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one!  Burning incense in your home will increase awareness, raise your vibration, and cleanse/purify your space....and is expecially important during the Full New Moon! This kit is uniquely designed to include special handmade incense of herbal and wood powder made specially to create a warm & safe environment to heal, accept, release, and set intentions.
Delicately decorated wooden incense burning box with spiritual symbols on both sides adding to its beauty. The wood is from sustainable, responsibly harvested trees.
Set includes large wooden incense burner app. 12" x 3" , a special space built into the bottom to hold your smaller wooden incense burner apx. 12" x 1/2" and includes a Incense Blend special for your Zodiac Sign
All Ritual Tools come cleansed & charged by a certified healer.