Blessing Box Gift - 3 months

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The Blessing Box delivered Monthly for 3 Months. Price shown is total for 3 boxes. Free Shipping.

You have a special someone who deserves to be treated as such. Give them the gift of starting their spiritual journey of self-love and personal growth.

Each month, the recipient will get a box filled with 6 carefully hand-picked items from around the world, ranging from cleansing crystals & crystal jewelry, to smudge sticks & organic herbs and flowers for Ultimate Spiritual Guidance. The box will also include a detailed guide with a description/use for each item.

Each box will always include over $75 - $100 retail value worth of surprise items from the list above & a Meditation Affirmation from the Universe, sealed with a wax stamp.

Each order is unique and may contain items not yet listed for sale in our shop!

Lengths and materials vary but will always include at least one Crystal and one Crystal Jewelry item.

Items come in a cardboard box with wrapping, not pictured above.

May Include:

  • Tumbled/ Polished Crystals and Stones
  • Clusters, Chunks, Towers, Hearts
  • Aura Crystals
  • Crystal Jewelry including bracelets, pendants, earrings, etc.
  • Crystal Jar
  • Organic Herb and Flowers
  • Ritual Candles
  • Other Crystal-related items, decor, jewelry, etc.
  • Smudging, cleansing, or altar-related items such as sage, incense, and other herbs – each of which compliment crystals

Not a Subscription. Box deliveries end after 3rd.