Money Manifestation Tree

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This Real, Authentic Crystal Money Tree radiates wealth and good fortune and creates a Wealthy, Divine look for any space, livingroom, office, or meditation room.  It can be used for Manifestation of desires, attracting wealth and money, raising vibrations.

....Such a simple, yet beautiful piece can create a safe space where energy can flow freely, allowing you to attract abundance & wealth! 

It is carefully adorned with miniature, laminated money of all kind and Real Crumbled Crystal Pyrite.  These stones and crystals are combined to promote Manifestation and Attraction. 

At the base of the tree is Iron Pyrite, known to promote Positive Thinking and Manifestation.


This Money Manifestation Tree is handmade, on a gold-painted resin base, adorned with pyrite crystal at the base and miniature money.

Approximately 12 x 6 x 8 when branches are fully extended. This tree weighs approximately 1 pound.