The Crystal Club

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  • The key to a beautiful journey of Self-Love and Care is Mindfulness, Reflection, & Acceptance, and can be encouraged through the use of crystals and stones
  • Each month you will receive 4 - NEW hand-picked Crystals, Stones Or Cleansing Tools from places around the world including Brazil, Madagascar and Uruguay
  • Reduce Stress, Improve Concentration, Promote Creativity, and so much more

More Journey Boxes

Zen Space

A complete Spiritual Guidance with Live Meditation along with a Monthly subscription box of ritual items. FREE 1-week trial. $0 to start.

The Blessing Box

Monthly subscription box filled with 4 hand-picked crystals from around the world, and botanical blend to cleanse your crystals

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Manifestation Mail

Begin your journey today and receive two unique crystal bracelet and encouraging words of affirmation every month

Beginner Crystal Box

Everything you need to get started in the world of Crystal Healing & Energy

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