Astral Harvest: Guiding Lights and Zodiac Reflections under the Full Moon

Sep 29 - Oct 14


Taurus, the Harvest Moon’s glow is a golden touch, encouraging growth in personal realms. A time of introspection and recognition unfolds, embracing the steadfast nature of your character.

Relationship dynamics become a dance of give and take, marking growth and mutual understanding. The lunar energy serves as a catalyst, revealing paths towards contentment and self-discovery. Immerse in this reflective period; explore every nuance of your journey.

The cosmos whisper, inviting you to shape your dreams into a harmonious blend of ambition and tranquility, crafting a symphony of self-contentment.

Engage in crystal healing, particularly with green stones like aventurine, to enhance your connection to the Earth and strengthen your sense of stability and growth during this time.

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